naturistisch zwemmen in Finland - naturisme recreatie

In Finland there are only a few official locations for nudist recreation when searching on the web. There are only two or three official nudist beaches. This seems strange with the Finnish sauna culture in mind. And it is true that inside and outside of the sauna people are naked - how elso could you wash yourself? For Finns going to a sauna is the same as taking a bath or shower. But nudity is only usual in your own family. SInce many finnish saunas are not too close to the neighbors, it is very common to be outside of the sauna and walk to the lake without anything on. The neighbors accross the lake are used to seeing people in the distance near their sauna. When friends visit it is quite usual to invite them in your sauna - the men with the men and the women with the women.

As we live in a remote area - in the forests and next to a lake, being nude is no problem at all. There are no neighbors, and if there were, they wouldn´t mind.

naturistisch luieren in Finland - naturisme recreatie

The Naturist Club of Finland mentions Pihlajasaari - a beach on an island near Helsinki, Yyteri naturist beach in Pori, the unofficial Ruissalo island near Turku and "Sauna-world" in the Katinkulta spa, in Vuokatti near Kajaani as the only locations in finland for naturists.

At the same time almost all Finns swim in the nude. Our guests do that also - even though most guests are not naturists; and since we can plan which guests are coming, there is never any problem with clothed and unclothed ones spending their vacation here at the same time. We mostly only have one of the two cottages occupied. So families coming here have the place to themselves - as our house is one hundred meters further from the shore than the blue house.

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