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the blue and the red COTTAGE

Although we provide accommodation for guests spending a week or more, renting a cottage, at Penttilä, the traveler looking for a room for a night or two is also welcome - bed & breakfast and information.

informatie - information - summer cottage on Lake Synsiö in Kangasniemi Finland - skandinavia

the blue cottage in the summer prices

the red cottage in the winter prices

information about the cottages

These cottages (we call them the blue and the red house) used to be dwellings for the manager and chief gardener of Penttilä - later the blue house was for many years the summer house of General Valve who took command of the combined Naval Forces in 1927.

In the blue house there is a kitchen and bathroom, running water and electric heating, which is actually not necessary in summer.

The red house is connected to eight aitta's - an aitta is an outbuilding which can consist of more than one unit - aitta rooms are traditionally used for storage but can also accommodate guests for sleeping.

cottages zomerhuisjes - trekking, fishing, swimming and sauna holidays - vacations in your own cottage in south east Finland - summer, fall, autumn, winter and spring at Penttilä Gardens

The main house is up on the hill - where we live.



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