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painting & drawing

summer courses in water color and oil painting and drawing for beginners as well as the more experienced


Since the summer of 2010 I have held workshops watercolor painting and general art courses on the island of Puukonsaari; the island can be reached by boat - twenty minutes from Kangasniemi.

Watercolor painting courses in Finland, on the island of Puukonsaari.

The Puukonsaari watercolor workshops have been organized by the summer inhabitants of the island. Once a yearr we come together and choose locations to paint. For the Puukonsaari 2010 course we stayed at home base on the island. In 2011 we rowed in several boats to the next bay where we painted all day.


an early summer morning on lake Synsiö - photo©HennyMonshouwer, one of our regular guests

Besides just spending your summer vacation at Penttilä Gardens, you can sign up for summer courses or workshops in painting and drawing. We will work with a small group of participants. (5 to 10 persons) - individual courses are also possible. Email us for information. Participants should bring their own materials like water colors, oil paint and brushes and drawing materials. Materials can also be purchased in the village.

The painting and drawing course/workshop at Penttilä Gardens starts at 9.00 in the morning. Individual instruction will be given by Lucien den Arend (see his sculptures and paintings on, who is a professional artist, and has taught at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and the Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. The workshops last until about 1.00 pm. The rest of the day you are free to continue painting and drawing or go hiking in the vast forests and hills around Lake Synsiö, explore the surroundings by cycling or your car or just staying home to enjoy the lake, swimming or fishing.

tekenen en schilderen in Finland voor alle leeftijden schilderlessen in Finlandtekenen schilderen aquarelleren in Finland

We will meet again at the end of the day – beginning of the evening for an hour or so - showing our work, discussing it with constructive criticism in our tupa - the large log room in the main house.

The cost is € 340 for 1 week - prolongation is negotiable. Travel and boarding costs will be carried by the participants. We have a course plus one room package at € 550 per week. (Partners – non participants are welcome and, if they wish they can follow basic lessons in Finnish language from Marjo Heikkinen (

By drawing and painting from nature the participant’s creative potential will be awakened. Penttilä and its surroundings are inspiring. The daily activity, along with discussions and confrontation with the work of others will provide the opportunity to discover how one sees his/her environment and to develop his/her perception. The essence of the material in relation to the subject will be our central theme. The guidance is focused on the quality of the work produced, the potential that is present and how this can be further developed.

The workshops and courses together with the excursions will add up to a very pleasant stay, an opportunity to discover the space and harmony of the Finnish landscape while further developing your own creative ability, while your traveling companion can get acquainted with the Finnish language.

We can advise you about excursions, hiking paths and cycle routes. The enchanting surroundings are an invitation to walk or cycle, with the lake and the village of Kangasniemi which is 13 kilometers from Penttilä. There is a church, a library and medical center, sports complex, supermarkets and restaurants can be found in the local village.

Respectively 55 and 60 kilometers west and east of the Penttilä you will find the larger towns Jyväskylä and Mikkeli. Finland has an international reputation for design and modern architecture. Design can be experienced everywhere, in the renowned museums but also in the average home. There are many smaller museums, with interesting exhibitions covering all forms of the creative arts. Helsinki lies 300 kilometers from the center and St. Petersburg 400 km, both cities can be reached by train and/or bus. An impressive array of historical and modern art treasures is thus within easy reach. A visit to St. Petersburg may require a visa and we suggest that you arrange this before your trip. We will be happy to assist you to organize excursions within its own region and visits to Helsinki or St. Petersburg.



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