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canoeing in Finland - kayaking and paddling in south east lake district.

Canoeing on one of the rivers - Naarajoki is one of the longer lakes in our area.

The Naarajoki nature trail for paddling starts on Naarajärvi a Lake in Pieksämäki. It ends in Puulavesi, the eighth largest lake of Finland, in Kangasniemi.

The route is about 110 kilometers long and takes you through the Lakeland of Finland - with mires and lakes dotted with islands. The contrast between the narrow parts of the river and large expanses of lake is breathtaking. With an experienced guide this adventurous canoeing experience takes three days. Camping at night in a large teepee (Kota in Finnish) on sheltered islands in the lakes through which you virtually glide. Along the route, there are pre-historical sites, which are marked on maps and there information boards on the locations.

The Naarajoki route is very suitable for families and to those beginning in the sport of paddling. Your guide will take you to well-maintained resting-places and camping sites along the river and the lakes which it connects.

The canoeing route connects and passes through Lakes Naarajärvi, Kyyvesi and Puulavesi. Naarajoki River is a magnificent, historical route through lake, nature and goes through the rural districts of Haukivuori, Kangasniemi, and Pieksänmaa. The river itself is is about 60 kilometers long and together with the lakes it is a 110 kilometers long route.



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